FAQ Central

Q : Is the Eiffel Tower closed on Tuesdays?
A : No. It is open every day of the year.

Q : Can I purchase entrance tickets in advance?
A : Concerning individuals visiting the monument, tickets are sold for immediate access while but also now online. For groups, however, reservations are required. Check also these useful Paris tours including a city tour and Eiffel Tower tickets (going up using a special lift, less queue).

Q : Can we go up to the top by the stairs?
A : No. The stairs will take you up to the second floor, but not the top. There are elevators available on the second floor to access the top floor.

Q : Is the Paris Museum pass card accepted at the Eiffel Tower?
A : No. The Tower is not part of the National Monuments group.

Q : Are persons in wheel chairs allowed to go up the Eiffel Tower?
A : Yes, up to the second floor. For security reasons, the top floor is not accessible to them.

Q : Are pets animals allowed on the Tower?
A : No animal is allowed on the Tower except for seeing eye dogs.

Q : Are strollers allowed?
A : Only if they are collapsible. Remember that there is no baggage check service at the Eiffel Tower.

Q : Does the Tower grant press access?
A : There is no special press access for journalists visiting the monument. If your visit is for the purposes of media coverage, please contact the press service.


Q : Painting the Eiffel Tower.
A : To this day, the Eiffel Tower has been completely repainted every 7 years.
How long to paint it?: 15 months. 60 tons of paint to cover 200,000m2, 25 painters using only brushes.
Color: “Tour Eiffel brown” in three shades, with the lightest shade at the top and the darkest at the bottom.
The eroding paint weighs an estimated 15 tons between new coats(7 years).
The 18th coat of paint is to begin in December 2001 and last through June 2003.
The paint interval will be modified in the future:
– Every 5 years for the first floor up to the top.
– Every 10 years for the entire Tower.

Q : How many visitors each year?
A : In 1999: 6,368,534
In 2006: 6,719,200
In 2011: 7,086,000

Q : How many visitors since the Tower was built?
A : At the end of the year 2006 = 229,623,812
In 2002, the Tower has welcomed its 200 millionth visitor and in 2010 its 250 millionth!

Q : How high is the Eiffel Tower?
A : 1st floor: 57.63m
2nd floor: 115.75m
3rd floor: 276.13m
Total height: 324m

Q : What are the dimensions of the Eiffel Tower at the base?
A : It measures 125m x 125m.

Q : How often do the elevators go up?
A : With two elevators in service, that means about one hundred round trips per day, approximately one every 8 minutes.

Q : How many stairs to get to the top?
A : 1665 from the ground to the top via the east pillar.
However, the steps from the second floor to the top are closed to the public.

Q : How much did it cost to build the Eiffel Tower?
A : 7,800,000 gold francs (in 1889).

Q : Was the foundation laid over water, mercury or a hydraulic jack?
A : Neither on water nor mercury. The foundation was constituted in stonework. Hydraulics was used during construction to aid in establishing the correct inclinations of the pillars in relation to the first floor.

Q : Does Gustave Eiffel have any descendants?
A : Yes. They are all part of an association founded in 1995: the Fondation Gustave Eiffel.

Fondation des descendants de Gustave Eiffel
M. Sylvain Yeatman
3, villa Dupont
75116 Paris

Q: Does the wind cause the Eiffel Tower to sway?
A : The maximum movement was measured at 9 centimeters in 1999. And that was more caused by the heat that expands the metal.


Q : Is the Tower an historical monument?
A : It was registered in 1964 and added to the list of historical monuments in the city.

Q : Who does the Eiffel Tower belong to?
A : The Tower belongs to the city of Paris, which contracted the operations to a limited company, the Société d’exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE).

Q : Is the Tower made of steel?
A : No, it is made of puddle iron.
This iron is the result of a special baking technique relying on swirling during the liquid phase to prevent the carbon and the impurities in the metal from associating. It was quite well used in the 19th century all over Europe.

Q : Who are the people whose names are engraved on the Tower?
A : The names engraved on the Tower, as a tribute gesture from Gustave Eiffel to the world of scientists, disappeared during one of its paintings at the turn of the century and were re-established in 1986 – 87.

Q: Did the Eiffel Tower always have elevators?
A : Since May 26, 1889, when an elevator was made available to Tower visitors. All of the elevators were in working order as of the following June 16.

Q : The Eiffel Tower: a few statistics
A : Electricity : 7,500,000 kilowatt hours per year
Water: 65,000 m3 per year
Elevators: Approximately 100,000 km traveled per year
Tickets : 2 tons of paper per year


Q : Is the Eiffel Tower the highest building in the world?
A : When it was built, it was the highest but that is no longer true.

Q : What’s the offical website of the Eiffel Tower?
A : There you go: http://www.toureiffel.paris

Q : Is the Tower subsidized by the state?
A : No, the operating company, the SETE gives the majority of its benefits from revenues back to the city of Paris.