Gustave Eiffel (Key Dates)

Eiffel tower Key dates

1832 – Born in Dijon on December 15 to François-Alexandre Eiffel and Catherine Mélanie Moneuse.
1843 –  His  early  childhood  is  spent  with  his  maternal grandmother  and  at  school  at  the  Lycée  in  Dijon  where  he passed his baccalaureate.
1850 –  He  enrols  at  the  Paris  college  of  Sainte-Barbe  to prepare his entrance exam  to polytechnique. Having  failed  the exam, he signs on at École Centrale where he chooses to study chemistry.
1855 – He successfully obtains his diploma from École Centrale and embarks on  a career  in metallurgy, where his mother has some contacts.
1856 – He is recruited by Charles Nepveu, a builder of steam machines and equipment for the railways.
1857 –  He  is  appointed  head  of  the  design  department  at Pauwels & Cie.
18581860 – Construction of the Bordeaux bridge.
1860 – Marries Marie Gaudelet on July 8.
1863 – Birth of his daughter Claire. The couple will have two more daughters and two sons.
1867 – Having been a self-employed consultant engineer for a year, he starts his own company.
18681871 – Construction of a viaduct on the Commentry-Gannat line.
18711873 –  Various  projects  in  Spain,  Portugal,  Romania, Egypt and Latin America, the viaducts of the Brive-Tulle line, and the Thouars Viaduct.
1875 – The Western Station in Budapest.
1876 –  The  Maria-Pia  bridge  in  Portugal  and  numerous construction projects for the Universal Exhibition of 1878.
1877 – Death of his wife, then of his mother.
1879 – Viana and Beira-Alta bridges in Portugal.
1880 – Szeged bridge in Hungary.
1880-1884 – Construction of the Garabit Viaduct.
1882 – The Cubzac bridge and the exporting of bridges that can be dismantled in Indochina.
1883 – Viaduct over the Tardes.
1884 – Observatory of Nice, grand equatorial cupola.
1885 – Internal structure of the Statue of Liberty.
1887 – Work starts on “the 300-metre high tower”. Contract for the Panama Canal.
1889 –  The Tower  is  completed. Opening  of  the  Universal Exhibition.
18901895 – Involved in the Panama Canal corruption scandal, he  is  at  irst  condemned  by  the  Paris Appeals Court  but  the verdict is overruled and the builder is cleared of all wrongdoing. Gustave Eiffel withdraws from the company to devote his time to his scientiic work.
1909 – Designed an aeronautics laboratory near the Champ-de-Mars, in Paris and experiments with detent apparatus.
1912 – Construction on Rue Boileau in Paris of the irst wind tunnel.
1923 – Death of Gustave Eiffel on December 27.